Flavoring La Romagna Tour: A delicious way to discover Italian food!


The package offers hands on workshops organized by qualified tutors for highly rewarding lessons. Please note recipes will be based on seasonal and home-grown organic produces from local farms and food and beverage producers. Besides its outstanding charm and beautiful surroundings our farm offer the ideal atmosphere for our package and the point that they are real farmers gives the authenticity we want you to discover. The wonderful excursions have been scheduled to give an overall experience of the variety of real Italian culinary life. Plus our activities offer you the possibility to intermingle with the local people is something truly unique.

Below a sample program. (Please note we can change the program to suit your personal requirements)

Day1 – Airport pick-up and transfer to our hotel. After settling in and our warm welcome we’ll give a brief outlook on the program. Then a pleasant evening and perfect opportunity to relax.

Day2 – Visiting an ancient convent and herb and flower garden

Once a cultural centre for girls, now offering traditional food and friendly accommodation. We’ll have a traditional pasta making workshop, plus a demonstration of how they used to and still make delicious ice cream, after flavouring our self-made pasta dishes. In the early afternoon a visit to a herb and flower garden for a lesson on the utilization of flowers and herbs in food.  “La Valletta” is a small farm where we try to select Mediterranean drought resistant plants. These plants allow us to create ecological, low maintenance gardens rich in colours, shape and texture. In the garden we have created a series of different environments which don’t need to be watered at all: the wildflower meadow, the gravel garden, the Mediterranean “ macchia”, the slopes covered  with Cistus, the dry stone walls plants and, recently, a drought tolerant vegetable garden.

Please click this link for Google Map view of  the convent. Also click this link for images of the convent.

Please click the link for Google Map of the the valletta Garden. Also click this link for images of the garden

Day3 – A journey to the Italian Riviera, Cesenatico & Cervia Sea Salt Farm

Italy’s most ancient seaport. Strolling through this picturesque location we’ll experience the authentic Italian sea-life culture and have the opportunity to explore the Marine Museum and the fish Market. For the remaining afternoon we’ll have time to wonder along the Riviera Romagnola until we feel like returning for supper. The highlight of the day! An enjoyable fishing trip, where we’ll experience being part of the crew and taste the excellence of a freshly fished meal prepared by the fishermen themselves.

Cervia’s Salt Pan Visitor Center is the starting point for guided tours to the salt pans.
At the Center a path of knowledge allows you to deepen the historical and economic issues related to the production of salt.
Southern station of the Po Delta River Regional Park, Cervia’s Salt Pan is appreciated because of its high environmental and landscape values, insomuch as to be included in the Ramsar Agreement as Wetland of International Importance. The environment is inhabited by rare species such as flamingos,black-winged stilts, avocets and other protected species.

Starting the day with a visit to the A pleasant country walk through pasturing lands to visit a local goat cheese producer. We’ll experience the milking of the goats and the transformation process into cheese. After our demonstration a typical country snack, with the fresh coats cheese and a selection of complimentary farm produces. We’ll have a fun morning of traditional farmhouse cooking! The hands on workshop will demonstrate how to prepare jams, fruits delicacies, tantalizing pickles and different types of pizza breads .

Please click the link for information and photos on  organic cheese producer Sette Fonte

Please click on this link to Google map view of Graziano’s Farmhouse

Please click on this link formition on the Agricultural Museum. Also click this link for images.

Day5 –  Pizza making and Chocolate Co & Cantine visit. 

Start the day with a fun morning learning how to make traditional Italian PIZZA at a local pizzeria. We’ll then travel to the Forlivese Valley to visit a world-famous chocolate producer for a taste of some heavenly treats. In the afternoon a visit the beautiful village of Bertinoro a well note local wine-producing area.

Please click on this link to Google Map view of Bertinoro. Also click this link for images

Day6 – Cooking lesson and food and wine consortium

Morning cooking workshop orientated on easy to make healthy and low-cost traditional Italian dishes for everyday occasions. After pleasuring our delights over lunch we’ll travel to Brisighella to visit the local wine and food consortium. In the late afternoon we’ll visit the local Food and Wine Consortium for demonstrations and talks about local produces like cheese, salami, Brisighella’s important E.V. olive oil, local producers and general farming life past, present and future.  To conclude a cheerful ending to our evening, at the enchanting village of Brisighella for wine tasting.

Please click this link for information on the local Consortium

Please click on this link for the google street view.  Also you may  click on this link for images of Brisighella

Day7 – Cooking lesson and authentic Italian cafe’ experience

Morning cooking workshop to learn the art of sumptuous pastries and desserts making for breakfast, snacks and party events. Coming to the end of the week we feel a relaxing and regenerating moment would be ideal for your return. So after lunch the Italian cafe’ experience at the Infantini cafe’ Faenza. In true Italian style a fun evening out on the town, to savour in some bar/cocktail lessons as they say “Girls just wanna have fun!”

Day8- Sorry to say it’s departure time! A pleasant get together for feedbacks, thank you presents and farewells, before the return airport transfer.