La Dolce VitaTour: An authentic experience of true Italian Life.


We have structured our package on the desires and interests that appeal to all who adore Italy. Devoted in offering a truly exclusive opportunity to immerse and experience the authentic Italian “Dolce Vita” and the passion of feeling “Italian at Heart”  Feeling healthy, looking well and pleasuring the essence of live itself. We want you to experience that unforgettable emotion of enjoyment, to thoughtlessly stroll through some of the worlds most beautiful locations and soak in all the breath-taking scenarios.

Below a sample program. (Please note we can change the program to suit your personal requirements)

Day1 – Airport pick-up and transfer to our Hotel where awaits a warm welcoming. After settling in we’ll give a brief outlook on the program whilst enjoying a relaxing evening with optional beauty and massage treatments at the lodge.

Day2 – Italian cooking and herb experience 

We’ll start the week with the Italian food experience what a better way! obviously an important role in Italians culture, not only for the tasty and health menu’s but more so for the pleasure of cooking, eating and being together.  (That’s what Italian life is about). The convent is a truly authentic experience, seeing an majestic historical building managed by a small group of sweet nuns is really something special. There welcoming smiles and friendly attitudes really do make you feel part of a family and the cooking together is simply wonderful and truly enjoying.

Once a cultural centre for noble family girls, now offering traditional food and friendly accommodation. We’ll have a traditional pasta making workshop, plus a demonstration of how they used to and still make delicious ice cream, after flavouring our self-made pasta dishes. In the early afternoon a visit to a private herb and flower garden for a lesson on the utilization of flowers and herbs in food and drink.  “La Valletta” is a small farm where we try to select Mediterranean drought resistant plants. These plants allow us to create ecological, low maintenance gardens rich in colours, shape and texture. In the garden we have created a series of different environments which don’t need to be watered at all: the wildflower meadow, the gravel garden, the Mediterranean “ macchia”, the slopes covered  with cistus, the dry stone walls plants and, recently, a drought tolerant vegetable garden. Again what we trust you to experience is authenticity, exclusivity and to intermingle with locals and their passions.

Please click this link for Google Map view of  the convent. Also click this link for images of the convent.

Please click the link for Google Map of the the valletta Garden. Also click this link for images of the garden

Day3 – Day5 – Day7 – Guided visits to some of Italy’s most wonderful locations.

Not only will you have indulged and experience authentic Italian lifestyle, culture and warmth of the locals, now an opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful cities of Italy but also of the world. So Please click this link to view the selection of nearby places to visit.

Day4 – Italian artisan & village life experience

As we all aware of the creativity of Italians we thought a pleasant art and craft class with a well-known friend and local artist would be an enjoyable experience. The possibility to indulge in local life and embrace local traditions is an unforgettable experience you’ll take home along with your art work.

Late afternoon a very easy-going Italian language class to learn some useful travel phrases. After  we’ll visit the enchanting village of Brisighella to meet local artisans and business owners for a pleasant get together, learn about each others cultures and every day matters. As Italian tradition wants we would be hosted by a local food and wine consortium to savour all the local specialities whilst embracing with like-minded locals.

Please click on this link for the google street view.  Also you may  click on this link for images of Brisighella. Plus the local food and wine consortium

Day6 –  Experience the authentic Italian City life