Art tours: Colouring your mind amidst our enchanting valley!

Our highly experienced hosts will guide us in a full immersion fine art tuition experience to explore and paint the bliss of an enchanting valley and its characteristic surrounds. Throughout the week we will visit a variety of different locations offering specific features and characteristics that will enable us to practise all kinds of painting techniques and image formats. The days will be programmed at an easy pace with flexible times allowing all members to paint in a relaxing atmosphere.

Below a sample program. (Please note we can change the program to suit your personal requirements)

Day1 – Arrival. Private transport transfer from destination airport to lodgings. We’ll have a warm welcoming meal to get to know everybody and summarize all aspects of the program.

Day2 – Mystical village of Brisighella

One of Italy’s most beautiful “Borghettos”. The day will start with a guided visit of its medieval centre and attractions. After lunch the afternoon will be dedicated to art tuition based on the characteristics views and points of interest around the centre.  This extremely wonderful village offers a variety of scenic landscape views and historical buildings. Another point of attraction is that the beauty of this village centre portrays a truly unique picture of Italian rural lifestyle and each particular point of interest narrates its history and culture.
Please click on this link for the google street view.  Also you may  click on this link for images of Brisighella

Day3 – Natur-Art Workshop at Carne’ Park

A truly delightful way to embrace mothernature amidst breath taking views. Activities will be concentrated on the surrounding scenery and water reflections on the lake. The workshop will be based on the unique  procedure of painting with flowers and herbs etc. We’ll start with a guided walk, with a step by step commentary of the exciting story of the Sacred Forest whilst searching for ideal plants and herbs. After lunch we’ll learn how to make colours with the produces found. Then everyone can start painting. All host members plus a forestry guide will be present to offer art tuition assistance.

The Park presents a wavy landscape, with rocky outcrops, dolines, sinks and caves, covered with a mixed vegetation that is spontaneously going back to its original nature. In this area there are many karst hollows, most of them of vertical structure, some still unexplored.

Please click this link to view some photos of the park. Also click this link for Google Maps view

Day4 – A guided visit of Cesenatico and Cervia seside

Day6 – Mural-Alfresco Workshop

The workshop will offer a complete A to Z hands on experience dedicated to alfresco techniques. Participating member will work together to decide on a theme to title the art piece and work as group to paint it. The aim of this activity is not only to learn the alfresco technique, but to stimulate your creativity and experience how art is truly a wonderful means of communication and fellowship.

Day7 – Ferrara the magnificent Renaissance capital, treasuring  some fantastic UNESCO Arts