Themed cultural and educational tours personalized to your requirements!

Art tour – Colouring your mind amidst our enchanting valley!

Our highly experienced hosts will guide us in a full immersion fine art tuition experience to explore and paint the bliss of an enchanting valley and its characteristic surrounds. Throughout the week we will visit a variety of different locations offering specific features and characteristics that will enable us to practise all kinds of painting techniques and image formats. The days will be programmed at an easy pace with flexible times allowing all members to paint in a relaxing atmosphere. Click here to see a sample program

Italian Culture tour – La Dolce Vita! The sweet taste of Italian Life.

We have structured our package on the desires and interests that appeal to all who adore Italy. Devoted in offering a truly exclusive opportunity to immerse and experience the authentic Italian “Dolce Vita” and the passion of feeling “Italian at Heart”  Feeling healthy, looking well and pleasuring the essence of live itself. We want you to experience that unforgettable emotion of enjoyment, to thoughtlessly stroll through some of the worlds most beautiful locations and soak in all the breath-taking scenarios. Click here to see a sample program

Nature tour – A stroll through Italy’s heartland to explore its naturalistic charm and beauty.

We propose a variety of activities, amongst our naturally beautiful surrounds, aimed to harmonize participants with nature’s bliss. Our locations offers a great diversity  of natural habitats and each its own inspiring particularity. All activities are guided by authorized and professional associations, competent in organizing workshops to your specific curriculum requirements. Click here to see a sample program

Cooking tour – An authentic insight to the culture of Italian cuisine.

The package offers hands on workshops organized by qualified tutors for highly rewarding lessons. Please note recipes will be based on seasonal and home-grown organic produces from local farms and food and beverage producers. Besides its outstanding charm and beautiful surroundings our location offers the ideal atmosphere, practicality and authenticity. The wonderful excursions have been scheduled to give an overall experience of the variety of real Italian culinary life. Plus our activities offer you the possibility to intermingle with the local people, making it something truly unique. Click here to see a sample program

Religious tour – Enjoying the spiritual essence of Italian culture

Our wonderful picturesque valley has blossoms of intreauging ancient churhes. Throughout the years during restoration programs an array wonders have been discovered, from art works, alfrescos, statues and underground crypts. Besides these fantastic finds the valley bosts to treasure a Sacred Forest and an International Museum of Religion, both of national cultural importance and not to be underestimated as they are truly spectacular places to visit. In addition as we are in the centre of Italy we can easily access places like Padova, Florence and Venice. Not only amongst the most beautiful cities of the world but they also home some the most important UNESCO and religious attractions. As the charter of Italian at Heart is to develop cultural relations, we pride ourselves on organizing activities with local associations helping people share their passions and enrich their cultural experiences. offering a complete and varied spectrum truly makes our programs authentic and exclusive, but accessible to all! Please click this google map link for an idea of the locations we cover. Click here to see a sample program  

Enabled tours – No disability or mental barriers should neglect people’s right to enjoyment!

We are a small group of friends (qualified for the caring of disabled people) bonded by the same idea, to break down cultural and physical barriers for all those wanting to visit Italy for an enjoyable time. Our be-spoke assisted activities are orientated on offering disabled people the opportunity to indulge in enjoyable excursions and creative workshops. Click here to see a sample program